Older switchboards were simply not created to carry the demands of modern electricity consumption. Fifteen or twenty years ago, most homes only required power for the basics, like a stove (if it wasn’t gas), refrigerator, basic lighting, one television and perhaps a few extras like a washing machine and dryer. Today, homes are powering all those things, plus central air and heating units, countless electronic devices like computers and gaming consoles, microwaves, swimming pool pumps, fitness equipment and more



  • Chances are, if your home’s wiring and switchboard are more than fifteen years old, you will soon notice the toll that all these modern conveniences are taking on them. Some of the warning signs you may begin to notice are:

    • Wires or plugs that are warm/hot to the touch
    • Random flickering of lights
    • Blowing fuses or tripping switches when two or more appliances are run simultaneously
    • Electric shock when plugging things in
    • Power surges and short circuits

    Homes any older than this are probably equipped with an antiquated fuse box that is filled with ceramic fuses that are unreliable, incapable of supporting modern electricity usage demands and, quite frankly – a hazard to you and your family. Ceramic fuses and associated components are more prone to fires than even old circuit breaker boxes are due to their design. They were never created to support the electrical load of modern homes and they shouldn’t be expected to – without issue.


  • Age isn’t the only factor when deciding whether or not to replace the switchboard in your home. “Wear n tear” and damage are major contributors as well. Loose or exposed wiring, broken breakers or switches, water damage or even damage from lightening and storms could jeopardize the integrity of a home’s switchboard and related components.

    If are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues with your home’s electrical circuits – or if your home is more than 15-20 years old, it may be time to replace your switchboard.


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