Having a reliable electrical company in your arsenal is important if you are in the strata and property management business. Certain repairs can only be performed by certified electricians and you don’t want to be scrambling to find one at the last minute.

  • Some of the issues that property managers often run into that require the expertise of a certified electrician are:

    • Appliance break downs
    • New appliance installations
    • Installing or replacing light fixtures
    • Installing or replacing electrical outlets and switches
    • Worn, blown or damaged fuses and breakers
    • Air conditioning service and installation
    • And more
  • Aside from these routine and/or emergency repairs, property management firms will also need a certified electrician to perform a variety of other tasks as well – such as:

    • Installing exterior lighting
    • Installing alarm and CCTV systems
    • Installing smoke detectors
    • Appliance maintenance
    • Air conditioning maintenance
    • Sign installations
    • And more
  • Rental and commercial properties have to adhere to strict electrical codes and standards that are regulated by the Australian government. Having a qualified electrician perform yearly safety and code inspections on commercial rental property is imperative avoiding fines and penalties for non-compliance as well as ensuring the safety of your tenants.

    Commercial rental properties often undergo extensive renovations of one or more units – if not the whole building at once, which include extensive electrical work that needs to be done. Perhaps there was a fire in one of the units, a leaking roof that caused damage to internal wiring or just simple wear and tear on the electrical system due to the building’s age – in which cases some, if not all of, the buildings wiring must be replaced.

    At Future Services, we understand the importance of smooth property management and are dedicated to ensuring that our property management clients have access to skill, experienced and qualified electricians any time they need them. Our team of electrical experts realises that electrical emergencies do not only happen during normal business hours and are available around the clock for emergency repairs and service, based on their needs.

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