Commercial electrical safety inspections are far more rigorous than residential inspections, although both are equally important. Commercial electrical safety inspections focus on things like:

    • Checking that all equipment is working properly
    • Ensuring all ground wiring is intact and functioning as it should
    • Inspecting the commercial power supply for signs of wear, damage or corrosion
    • Diagnosing and addressing any electrical issues that may pose a hazard to people or property
    • Measuring electrical output to ensure it is sufficient for the on-site operations
    • Ensuring that all inspection documentation is current and displayed in a manner which is in compliance with local and state electrical codes

    Electrical safety inspections are also required on residential properties when they are new constructions and also when extensive renovations that include electrical wiring have been done. However, there are some safety inspection tasks that homeowners can perform themselves to ensure that the wiring in their home is safe and does not pose a hazard.

  • Electrical Safety Checklist For Homeowners

    • Replace broken outlet covers and light switch plates.
    • Cover all electrical outlets not currently in use with child-proof covers.
    • Inspect all cords plugged into outlets to insure they fight snug against the outlet, as loose-fitting plugs pose a fire hazard.
    • Inspect all cords for signs of damage. Refrain from using any appliance or lamp that has a damaged cord to prevent fires or electric shock.
    • Immediately unplug and replace/repair any appliance that trips a breaker or causes a power surge when in use.
    • Use extension cords sparingly and only for short periods of time.
    • Do not overload extension cords.
    • Do not overload electrical outlets.
    • Always use the correct wattage bulbs in light fixtures and lamps and ensure the bulbs are screwed in tight.
    • Do not use any electrical appliance around sources of water to prevent electrocution.
    • Use surge protectors on computers and audio/video equipment to prevent power surges, damage and electrical fires.



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