Even though new home wiring is usually a ‘do it and forget it’ process (unless a problem arises), there is still much planning that goes into the new home wiring process, which requires the skill and expertise of a qualified and licensed electrician.

  • Some considerations to be made when planning the wiring for a new home are:

    • How much electric power does the home require to function efficiently?
    • How many outlets are needed in each room?
    • How many circuits are needed to power all the appliances in the home?
    • Size of switchboard required in order to function safely and efficiently?
    • How many safety switches need to be installed?
    • What is the floor plan and square footage of the home?
    • Will exterior lighting also be required?
  • You want to be sure the plans for your new home include enough electrical outlets and a switchboard big enough to carry the electrical load from the appliances that will follow so that you do not run into any issues down the road that could pose a fire hazard for your family. Also, having to re-do electrical work again because it was done incorrectly the first time is not only a waste of time – it’s also a waste of money.


    The professional electricians at Future Services are dedicated to ensuring the safety, comfort and satisfaction of our clients. Our team of electric professionals are qualified and experienced to handle all phases of new home wiring, including:

    • Energy efficient lighting
    • Exterior lighting
    • Ambient lighting
    • Electrical circuit and outlet installations
    • Switchboard installations
    • Audio Visual wiring for home theaters
    • Data center and port wiring
    • Power set ups for alarm systems, pool systems and keyless entry systems
    • And more
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    We offer free, no obligation estimates on all our services and guarantee everything we do will be done correctly the first time – every time.

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