Future Electrical Pty Ltd – The Trusted Ducted Air Conditioning Installer in Sydney

When the summer hits, you do not want to be caught without air conditioning. If you have yet to have it installed in your home, call the area name you can trust – Future Electrical Pty Ltd. Our company, which serves the entire Sydney area, is an experienced ducted air conditioning installer in Sydney that can keep your home nice and cool this summer. We have a fully qualified team of electricians and air conditioning installers with a focus on our goals – superior quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

As a ducted air conditioning installer in Sydney, we understand that it is an enormous task and a vital one as well. We will provide you with advice on how to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We will help you design the perfect air conditioning system for your home. Our technicians and installers work with ducted systems up to 18KW and will deliver a high-quality system that you can trust to keep you cool in the summers. Plus, you get the reassurance of a lifetime warranty on all labour.

In addition to installing air conditioning systems, we provide a number of other electrical services for residential and commercial customers. We perform RCD testing, energy audits, and safety inspections. We do a lot of work with alarm and security systems and have installed CCTV systems for homeowners and business owners.

At Future Electrical Pty Ltd, we strive to provide top quality workmanship that can help our customers save energy. Our response times are fast, and we will provide anyone with a free quote. Call today to get yours on 1300 291 148