However, sometimes upgrading or replacing appliances isn’t as easy as moving the old ones out and moving the new ones in. Certain issues that may require the skill of a qualified electrician to get the job done.

  • One of the most common issues when replacing home appliances is that consumers want to replace natural gas appliances with electric ones in order to save on energy costs and fuel consumption. Doing so requires the installation of new electrical outlets and sometimes switchboard upgrades as well. These are things that home owners cannot do themselves, as per Australian energy codes and regulations, which means the services of a qualified electrician will be required.


    Appliance breakdowns are another common problem that home owners face, which often leads to the question of whether repairing the broken appliance is more cost efficient than investing in a new one. Of course, the answer will depend on a number of factors, including what your home is currently wired for, the age of the appliance, your needs and your budget as well.

  • If you are having issues with an appliance in your home, don’t give up on it just yet. Replacing it with a new model may not be the only choice. Future Services can help you choose the best appliance or repair options for your home, based on your situation and needs. We offer fast, affordable installation and repair services for:

    • Washers
    • Dryers
    • Water heaters
    • Air conditioners
    • Stoves
    • Wall ovens
    • Refrigerators
    • And more
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    We offer free, no obligation consultations on all of our electrical services – including appliance installation and repair. Our appliance experts can quickly diagnose your issue, discuss your options with you and perform your appliance installation or repair at your location. You don’t have to wait any longer to get those appliances back up and running – or replaced!

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